Prevent the cure: How to prevent getting sick from algae toxins.


When green means stop

Let’s talk prevention of one of the deadliest effects of waste mismanagement.

When you look at an old block, the inside of a gutter, the walls of your toilet,

you see those tiny greenish things that look like grass?….

They are called algae, and an excess of algae is called an algae bloom.

If you are like me, you have tried washing your water storage tank you have your house(which is very hard by the way), you have seen these tiny greenish-looking organisms inside the tank too.

It grows in there after a long period and is not too healthy for you and me.

Algae are like plants which means they contain nutrients, some of the good and bad.

Algae serve as food for fishes in the ocean and I love eating fish, sooo


What is red about green?

Well, there is a yellow line ( pun intended).

That is where we have to take note of.
See it this way…

What happens when there is an event with free food and drinks?

How many people show up?

No! You guessed wrong

A lot of people would show up, the hall will be full of people.

Now imagine there would free food served at that hall every day starting today?

Imagine the hundred to thousands of people swarming in and out…

I mean this is free food we are talking about here ooo

If any of those people are like me, instead of coming from a far distance every day, I would seek a friend’s place for shelter so I can stay closer to the food because… Why not!

But what happens next?

You see that other person staying around that area that is not interested in the free food…

or can’t eat it because of his/her health?

So he/she is trying to go out and make a leaving for his/her family.

He is having a very hard time surviving and feeding his children because of the imbalance people like me going for free food has caused.

which is not a bad thing.

But now it is affecting other people negatively, the traffic the crowd has caused would make people lose their jobs.

Some people might not have things to eat because people around aren’t buying from them anymore, just because there is free food.

This is what happens to the fishes, animals, plants, and human beings that leave around that river that is full of phosphorus and nitrogen.

Animals can’t digest phosphorus in its raw form but algae can and they love it.

It is like free food to them

Remember how you throw your washing water, pesticide, bottle, fertilizers, and leftovers inside the gutter, and after a few days, you start seeing this greenish thing…

All that free food would be nice for the algae to enjoy and be satisfied, with a little bit of sun kiss here and there then they reproduce and multiply.

I mean why shouldn’t they.

Yes!, I thought you would never ask

It has happened before
China, England, the USA, and research has it that Lagos has been suffering from it and it is increasing.
The worse case of this is at Lake Erri(you can read up on it)
So it is happening to our river and lagoons, and I would say we have gotten to the yellow line!
We can close to stop now or wait until of is worse

What can the hospitals do when…

They don’t know how to treat the illness you are facing.
You can prevent the cure…by

  1. Dispose of your waste properly – try separating your waste and dispose of them the right way.
    Don’t drop waste that contains phosphorus (washing soap or fertilizers) nitrogen(bottle and organic waste) into your gutter.
  2. Reach out to a waste management company to help with your waste or provide solutions if you notice excess growth of algae in the water body around you.


In other news: SWEEP Foundation invites you specially to its first surulere Towns hall meeting of grassroots stakeholders sponsored by coca-cola foundation #SurulereRecycle.

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