High Level Citizens Forum on Wastes Reduction and Management

High Level Citizens Forum on Waste Reduction (HLCFWR) is the foremost and most strategic and most impactful gathering of government, corporate organisations and citizens in the environment and waste management sector. The forum is focused on the active participation of the community individually and collectively in waste reduction as a solution in the fight against municipal waste disposal and management in Lagos State.

  • Partnership: What are the entry points for citizen’s participation, and engagement with State governments and its agencies in the global campaign against municipal waste?
  • Promotion: What role should the government and its agencies play in promoting citizens participation in waste reduction, prevention and management?


The proposed LAGOS WASTE FORUM 2021 will offer participating audience with inspirational and expository keynote speeches, panel discussions and breakout sessions on modern waste management techniques, strategies and skills in the business of:

  • Waste Management
  • Recycling
  • Waste-to-Energy
  • Waste-to-Wealth
  • Community Advocacy
  • Environmental Sanitation


LAGOS WASTE FORUM 2021 will offer unique opportunities and exposition for operators, investors, consumers and other stakeholders in the waste management sector and even the general public with opportunities for investment.


  1. Waste management professionals and investors will learn new and innovative approaches to modern waste management concepts.
  2. Enhance recycling. Collection, marketing, and management of waste management products and services.
  3. Opportunity to establish new business linkages and partnerships in Lagos state and beyond.
  4. Increased overall awareness of the Lagos Waste management sector, products, services and market.


  1. To create an annual event by becoming the foremost security solutions showpiece and marketplace in Nigeria.
  2. To generate home made products by leveraging on international and contemporary waste management solutions.
  3. To build revenue by harnessing business opportunities in the waste management business.
  4. To prospect for foreign and local investment in home waste management.
  5. To establish a databank/hub for waste management related services and resources
  6. To catalyse a new orientation for sustainable waste management in Lagos State