Get involved as a Citizen

Citizens (as waste generators) must be at the centre of every governmental effort at resolving the Lagos state environmental challenge. Attitudes of the waste generators in the community remains critical in addressing the quagmire of waste management problems in Lagos State.

Our interactions with the local population returns with the same result, citizen’s involvement has a direct bearing on the effectiveness of government interventions. The citizens are the missing link to a sustainable waste management regime in Lagos.

SWEEP is committed to gradually bridging the widening gap between the people and those in positions of political leadership through environmental and waste management education, thus rebuilding trust in the state government.

Through coordinated town halls, conferences and seminars on environmental education programs, we must address the knowledge/information gap to resolve the deficits.

SWEEP is convinced that waste disposal cannot be a 100% for profit enterprise if we must begin to address the challenge. Government must necessarily begin to subsidize waste disposal to address the unwillingness of low income segments of the society to pay for services.

Constructive advocacies aimed at convincing government to in addition to environmental legislations, to make the citizens the focus of its waste management and disposal policies to reduce semi-sabotage of governmental efforts at addressing the challenge.

To win the Lagos State Government’s WAR ON WASTES, we call for a citizens driven campaign – there cannot be successful waste management without the citizens. SWEEP is poised to pursue these new narratives through:


SWEEP shall through its many environmental education based interventions begin a gradual re-orientation of the government and the citizenry. Our flagship medium is the “High Level Citizens Forum on Waste Reduction and Management in Lagos State with the theme: “Mobilising Private Sector Finance to Catalyse Citizens Driven Waste Management Reality in Lagos.


Using entertainment as a driver, SWEEP is committed to widespread statewide environmental education. To achieve this, we shall be hosting “FIRST LADY MARSHALS” (Lagos State Environmental Challenge) as a sustainable initiative to drive community’s involvement in Environmental Awareness and Sanitation, promote tourism and support for the Lagos State Government’s Environmental Policy by engaging all communities in waste disposal, management and sanitation.


The SWEEP SCHOOL project is geared to introducing out-of-school youth to environmental education and sharpening their waste-to-wealth skills to promote positive environmental lifestyles and sustainability. The program will roll out to I.B.I.L.E. divisions to benefit out-of-school youth. We aim to target 500 out-of-school youth especially girls. Participating communities will be provided with equipment to enable out-of-school young people to engage in regular physical waste-to-wealth environmental activities