Amb. Obuesi Phillups, the President of SWEEP and SDGs Ambassador has taken a swipe at property developers and government regulatory agencies responsible for urban and physical planning for the poor drainage connectivity across the city of Lagos.

Amb. Obuesi Phillips spoke on Saturday during an interactive session with members of the Statewide Waste and Environmental Education Project (SWEEP) meeting in Surulere, Lagos.

Amb. Obuesi queried “how do we even start to address the challenge when there is no regulatory compliance, and lack of uniformity in drainage construction, while the people have turned gutters and drainages to “waste receptacles?” We know that a large proportion of our gutters and drainages are filled with debris, and therefore dosconnected and disjointed.

Non compliance to building minimum set backs, drainage depth and width, local drainage connection etc remain at the fore of the challenge. Whatever is remaining is turned into waste receptacles by the locals because of lack of standards.

Lagos State Government must in tangible terms prioritise citizens environmental education if we must begin to make any sort of impact. To say that drainages are filled to the brim with wastes and debris leaves much to be desired.

The government cannot and must not concentrate only in exploiting and profiting from the humongous waste burden of the state. Before prosecution and profiteering from the waste menace in Lagos State the government must take the campaign to private and corporate citizens to imbibe waste management ehtics and values.

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