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SWEEP Foundation with RC No.144352 is a social enterprise committed to addressing environmental and waste management issues, and taking action to improve the environment through waste and environmental education programs. SWEEP helps communities develop skills to make informed and responsible decisions affecting their immediate environment.


ADVOCACY through town hall meetings, conferences, workshops, sporting activities are organized at intervals to discuss challenges to sustainable waste management regime, proffer ideas and solutions. This will also acquaint members, the general public with current trends and developments in the waste prevention, reduction and management sector.

TRAININGS are conducted periodically to educate and up-date the capacity of stakeholders and members of the general public by enhancing them with new tactics and additional skills in waste prevention, reduction and management.

MONITORING activities are routinely carried out across our different communities to ensure widespread observance of sustainable sanitation standards. The actions, inactions of community gatekeepers are monitored and abuses reported.

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The overall goal of the project is to promote citizens participation in environmental education, waste to wealth training activities aimed at providing many health and social benefits inherent in the training activity and form a greater sense of empowerment that will expand beyond into everyday life.


  1. To enhance environmental sustainability by harnessing and nurturing citizens who desire to acquire life skills and entrepreneurial education in the areas of Waste Management, Recycling, Waste-to-Energy, Waste-to-Wealth, Community Advocacy, and Environmental Sanitation.


  1. To reduce youth involvement in crime by extracting out-of-school and underprivileged young people from the streets and build their capacities through skills acquisition in the areas of Waste Management, Recycling, Waste-to-Energy, Waste-to-Wealth, Community Advocacy, Environmental Sanitation.


  1. To improve communities and their environment by introducing and involving citizens for evacuation of wastes from markets, motor parks, Road sides, clearing of blocked drainages and canals, extraction of recyclable wastes from the environment, planting of tress around public spaces, house to house advocacy campaign.