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To see our communities clean, green and environmentally sustainable
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SWEEP Foundation is a social enterprise committed to addressing environmental and waste management issues, and taking action to improve the environment through waste and environmental education programs.

SWEEP helps communities develop skills to make informed and responsible decisions affecting their immediate environment.  

Recently Concluded 3rd Edition of Lagos Waste Forum.

What We Do

First lady @Lagos Waste Forum

Waste Management Training

This program will enlighten you to the modern practices suitable for sustainable waste management which directly protects nature..

Waste in the City


Modernized Processes of converting waste materials into new materials and objects.

Waste in the City


Showing processes of generating energy in the form of electricity and/or heat from the primary treatment of waste.

Waste in the City


With the end goal of creating wealth and job opportunities in our community, we look at modern ways to turn regular waste into a money making process

Community Involvement & Training

Community Advocacy 

Going into the rural communities is one of the major ways to create continuity in our quest for sustainable waste management.

Waste in the City

Environmental Sanitation 

Environmental sanitation is a set of actions or a fundamental process of collecting and safely disposing all kinds of waste within the environment.

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We need to reshape our own perception of how we view ourselves and our surroundings. We have to step up as people and take the lead.

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17 June, 2020
First lady @Lagos Waste Forum

Because waste generation and it’s impact on the environment is local, “Waste in the City” is committed to a greater community involvement in setting plans and priorities for the waste management and recycling sector.

29 June, 2021
Lagos Waste Forum Speaker

“Management is also in the process of concluding the recycling of our polymer note wastes into everyday plastics such as flower pots, dustbins etc., and the disposal of our electronic waste in an environmentally sound manner.”

5 August, 2021
Waste in the City Participants

According to Amb. Obuesi Phillips, the President/CEO of the Foundation, “WASTE IN THE CITY” is a Community engagements and sensitization campaign. It is a Plastic (PET Bottles) recovery initiative helping to unclog blocked drains and canals through the extraction of PET bottles, Cans and other plastic waste, and recycling. them through accredited offtakers.

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